Hobbies aren’t just for kids

What hobbies or pastimes do you do just for you? Do you play sport or enjoy crafts? Are you an avid reader? Or do you heave yourself from one day to the next, rushing and praying for the weekend to hurry up and just be here already? Our days are busy now. We need to get to places but also try to multi task too. That all seems a bit rubbish. Where do we as individuals come as part of this deal?

The media seem to be getting very excited about the solar eclipse today. And this got me thinking – especially after watching #StargazingLive too – and the brilliant photographs viewers had been sending in. Why not take the experience of today’s solar eclipse as a time for reflection (seriously no pun intended!) – and think about how you can incorporate a hobby into today’s schedule? You don’t necessarily need any special kit to buy or an outfit. Just a few minutes for you. Maybe don’t spend lunchtime surfing the web for those elusive deals of the day or reading about celebrities. Maybe download an audio book or find out what clubs there are where you live. Or get outside and take some photographs of the gorgeous blossom welcoming spring here in the UK. A few minutes playing. Remember how as kids we didn’t curtail our play time – so why do it as an adult?

Have a brilliant day,