Something for nothing and the books are free

When was the last time you used your local library? They are rapidly becoming an endangered species here in the UK. Local councillors smugly declare the age of the library is over – no one reads a real book or needs a library anymore. My heart sinks at this. Libraries are community spaces. They are not just about books. The visible presence of people using library facilities speaks volumes. Use them or lose them.

My local library sits in a really quaint tucked away place. The building is old but sits in prime real estate. As the words of local councillors saying no one reads real books any more echoes in my ears – I approach the library and see an array of event posters. One is storytelling for children. I wondered how popular these were. Very popular it turns out when I happened to visit that day. They also offer PCs with Internet access and these are always being used. There is a lovely spot with a few chairs, newspapers and glossy magazines – a Starbucks-like vibe without having to hand over the deeds to your house for a cup of coffee and a muffin.

Yesterday as part of finding a few minutes of hobby time I went to the library to collect some books. I picked up three books all around the theme of military aviation. One is called the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in camera by Keith Wilson. I warned you I was an aviation nerd! The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight performs displays using a number of different aircraft – Spitfires, Hurricanes, Lancaster, Dakota and Chipmunks. The large hardback book is brimming with photographs. As soon as I got home I sat outside in the sunshine and started thumbing through the book. I felt like a kid with a new comic, lost in that moment. The only thing missing was a favourite cup and a straw. And maybe a small blanket. So, when was the last time you used your local library?

Have a brilliant day,


Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

(grab a drink and enjoy this bird’s eye view)