Declutter and minimise one cupboard at a time

Do you have too much stuff? Do you have a junk room? If your cupboards could talk – would they groan and grumble? There is something about 21st century living that makes the aquisition of stuff so easy. Shops are open every day (and nearly every night). With online shopping filling in the time gaps. And somehow we can easily end up with too much stuff. I have been decluttering and minimising over the last few years. If something comes into the home, something must go. This has helped with clothes and the like.

However I realised the 1 in 1 out principle wasn’t working so well with food supplies. And with a kitchen designed – and I use the word designed quite wrongly – with a lack of cupboards this makes any available space highly sought after. I have clearly been a marketing dream buying stuff I don’t use. Damn those commercials of smiling families with perfect teeth using x or y product. *shakes fist*

So today I’ll empty a food cupboard and sort it. Decide what stays, what gets used up and what goes. For anything with an expired date I have a friend who is an out of date food fan – “That’s just a best before date not a use by date” they exclaim. Nothing will go to landfill. Honest. I also need to to be honest with myself – I mean there is a cacophony of different packets extolling the virtues of fine dining. Time to use them up or pass them on. Time to create space for the stuff I do use to live in a high rise cupboard and time for the unwanted tenants to move on. I mean this minimalism lark of only having what you need – it makes total sense right?

Have a a brilliant day,