Hobbies + Minimalism = balance

I like simple equations. I like things simple and that to me is what is what minimalism is all about. Simplifying our homes, what’s in our head and our approach to life. Take this morning I need to be somewhere in about two hours. So I’m aware of that pressure, schedule, whatever. The cat on the other hand has found a spot in the spring sunshine. No pressure. No schedule. No whatever. Now the cat doesn’t have to go out and earn a living but there is something to be learnt from the mindful cat:

It is sunny + I feel like a rest = mindful cat resting in the sunshine. 

Maybe a program in our heads has got a bit awry. Skewed. Broken. As kids we often adopt the mindful cat pose and adapt it to – it’s sunny I’m going outside to the park and I’ll invite my bestie too. Without knowing its label we were living in the moment. Kids don’t have a work schedule but they have school, homework and clubs. How about for today – you stop and check in with yourself? Let’s switch off that automatic pilot. Particularly the one that says I don’t have time for any hobbies. You may be commuting, on your lunch break or about to clean the house. Think of yourself as a kid approaching this situation – how would you do things differently, play or incorporate a favourite hobby?

Have a brilliant day,