Kitchen decluttering – room to breathe

Decluttering is so cathartic. As a room begins to reveal a less cluttered environment I think you can feel the energy change.

Storage isn’t always a solution. Yesterday I combined a task (decluttering) with something pleasant (sitting outside). I sorted through a basket shelving system thingy. The thing is about storage is that it can help accumulate clutter. It entices it and invites it over for tea and biscuits. And this shelving did precisely that. It took a while to sort through but it’s now empty and now sulking on the stairs. It will be leaving home today for the local charity (thrifty) shop.

Room to breathe. Where it sat on the other hand is now far less cluttered, freer with room to breathe. Decluttering and the journey to minimalism – only having what you need and use – can be done in bite size chunks. What clutter filled area could you sort – one cupboard, drawer or shelf at a time?