What or who gets in the way of your hobbies?

Let me introduce you to Kensington and Chelsea. No not pets but a Formica table and a sewing machine. Why such grand names? Well from grand beginnings they arrived here.

I originally bought a 1950s Formica table from a boot sale. It was a lovely flexible piece of furniture. Only once it let itself down, literally when a hinge gave way. Moving home, sadly the table got left behind. I quickly regretted it after being seduced by a pine table that in the end constituted 90% glue and 10% pine. Then after much searching I found a beautiful round 1950s Formica table for free in Kensington. Driving hours each way to collect it was an adventure – seeing famous London bridges and iconic buildings. I named the table Kensington and the secondhand sewing machine Chelsea.

Now do I sew daily? Lovingly create space for crafts and hobbies on Kensington the table? No. There are papers to sort all around. I can’t use the sewing machine. It makes no sense. Why have I let this happen? Elsewhere in the home I attack clutter with vigour but here… Oh yes. I know why. There are bags of emotional childhood stuff rammed into bags to sort. The clutter is stopping me pursuing the hobby of sewing but I am responsible for that clutter. Both the stuff and me are getting in the way of hobbies. Time to roll my sleeves up and reclaim this space. What or who gets in the way of your hobbies and more importantly what can you do about it?

Have a brilliant day,