Space to hobby

Yesterday I wrote about how I had hemmed in (no pun intended) a beloved sewing space with clutter. How initially I thought it made no sense but realised it was emotional clutter. Probably, for some of us, the hardest clutter to deal with.

Clearing excess kitchen paraphernalia is much easier unlike the emotional clutter of childhood books, cards and memories. I emptied two large shopping bags and began sorting through. What I realised was that the bags had become a time capsule and other stuff had made its way to the bags like old financial papers and very old receipts. That’s the problem with clutter, it breeds more clutter.

I consolidated two large bags into one storage box of bits I want to keep that can slide under Kensington the desk. It feels so much better. And two bags of stuff went to the local charity (thrift) shop. Some stuff was harder to say goodbye to – old schoolbooks for instance. But the ones in question held no specific fond memories. No witty comments from teachers. Nothing special. And I thought do I want to hold onto this – or have this space back for life and hobbies? Put like that it made it much easier.

The task of freeing space so I can once again use my sewing machine has been achieved. In part. I can use it but there are just 2 or 3 more large bags to be sorted through which I aim to do in the next few days. These are currently to the left of the table. I could leave these but I know they will free up more space for sewing fabrics and supplies (currently sitting on the table). I lust after Frugal Queen’s organised space – isn’t it lovely?

Finally before I leave I’ll be doing a post in the next day or so about a lovely newish bloggers award I was very kindly nominated for. *big smile*

Have a brilliant day,