The art of ‘Boxing Days’ through the year

Schedule, diary and itinerary all have a place. But so does spontaneity. Doing what you want.

I first read about the practice of holding Boxing Days during the year from Peter Jones. No not the one with stripey socks from Dragon’s Den but the author. When I first heard the concept I thought oh no here we go the token buzzword from a non fiction book. But this is different in many ways. Primarily because it’s a very good idea.

So my understanding of holding Boxing Days through the year is that on those days you do what you want. Like we often do on the proper (as opposed to improper?) Boxing Day. Yes it’s not complicated. Nothing can be preplanned (apart from say taking the day off, child/pet care) and you literally follow your heart.

Today I did just that. I had an absolute blast. I started off buying ingredients for Jack Monroe’s Feisty soup (a very spicy tomato soup), then filled the car tyres with air (hey don’t judge – I love the way the car handles with the right tyre pressure – you can call me a nerd it’s ok). Then I thought I haven’t been to my favourite store an hour’s drive away in about six months. In my consumerist full on days I’d visit 2-3 times a week. Oh yes. Really.

I just played in that store for hours. Luckily I have a fairly honest face and wasn’t approached by security. It’s a homewares store and I love their stuff. So this is now a treat rather than a far too regular habit. I sat in the cafe. Treated myself to an almond croissant, one of those posh tins of Italian orangeade and just be.

So have I tripped up on my path to minimalism? Well maybe I should have did x or y instead but this is what I wanted to do today. The difference to the consumerist who visited 2-3 times a week and me today – is that I will tot up what’s come in and an equal amount of stuff must leave. And also this isn’t a merry-go-round of buy, buy, buy. The end game is still about less stuff.

You can read more about the inspiring Peter Jones, author of ‘How to do everything and be happy’ here:

Have a brilliant day,



6 thoughts on “The art of ‘Boxing Days’ through the year

  1. Yay! well done for fixing the comments!

    Your day sounds amazing and I like the idea of dedicating a day to fill with whatever you like.

    I have read quite a few books on minimalism and living simply, I know many people make the rule not to buy anything new for a year, but I know I would cave in rapidly. l try not to be too strict with rules I give myself, so I am happy to browse and buy the odd thing. So I use a lot of wish lists, (Amazon and books were my frequent purchases!) and then after payday I choose something if I still want it and surprisingly, there is a lot of things that I don’t buy.


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