Using and enjoying stuff we have

I love books. Saying goodbye to any book is hard. One book in particular I’m struggling to let go of is Nigel Slater’s ‘Real fast food’. I have flicked through it but not given it my full attention. Every time I glance at it I love the recipes, how he makes simple food sound delicious but then leave it at that. Crucially I have not made any of the recipes and yet I can’t let it go.

This is a hangover from my bygone full on consumerist days. Buy stuff. Have trouble storing stuff. Fill loft with stuff. And so on. A key part of this damn loop is that I didn’t get to enjoy or even look after the stuff. The thrill of the chase, bargain hunting and so on can move us away from the stuff itself –  as no sooner we have bought x we want y. And so on.

So today I’m going to indulge in this one book (and no other). I love the look of his recipes – Pain Perdu is staring at me as I type. White bread cut into triangles dipped into milk sweetened with sugar and then dipped in egg. Then fried. Then eaten with a nice cup of tea. Sounds awful…ly nice right?

Is there anything sitting unused (unloved) or still in its wrapping in your home? Time to use it, enjoy it or let it go.

Have a brilliant day,



2 thoughts on “Using and enjoying stuff we have

  1. You are right – it is all too easy to get lost in buying rather than enjoying. I have piles of fiction books waiting for me to read, yet I hesitate to reach for them either to finally read or to give away. I don’t understand why it is I am reluctant to delve in, maybe what I am hooked on is the possibility sitting on the shelf – I like having options – a trip I shall take one day, just not today.


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