Time to play and hobby

Today was a stressful day. And so I decided to attack it with a hook. A crochet hook. No persons were harmed during the production of this blog. Maybe just my pride.

I was reminded again today how easy it is to (a) get wrapped up in silliness and (b) over think things. Without knowing my day in store I decided for the first time ever to crochet in public. Yes I know I’m so radical. So I packed my crochet project with the aim of finding time for it during the day.

The poor crochet hook felt my angst. I fumbled along a couple of rows during a break today. And while I didn’t crochet as mindfully and focused as I would have liked it did help. It distracted my thoughts even if only for a tiny bit. It helps that I am so useless at it that I have to focus much more than a normal person.

I think kids do this instinctively. It’s the holidays for many school kids here in the UK and my usual commute was punctuated by kids also commuting but for days out. The lucky things. So did these young kids stare blankly at a screen as that’s what everyone else was doing? No way they were too busy playing. With books. Puzzles. I spy. You name it they were playing it.

So what happened to us? Why do we approach grown up activities such as commuting without seeing them as kids do – as time to play or hobby?


4 thoughts on “Time to play and hobby

  1. Well done to you for doing your crochet in public! I remember fumbling over my first granny squares.. or odd shaped rectangles they turned out to be. it is so relaxing – (yes they have studied the effects of knitting and its close to meditation!). You don’t say why you were feeling stressed, but I hope you are feeling better now.

    I love train travel (I don’t commute) I believe that when you drive you see people’s front gardens but you see their back gardens by train! I love to make up stories about fellow passengers and peeking over back fences – conservatories, trampolines, neat rows of vegetables… a glimpse and then gone. I imagine all the best writers and poets are those who are simply able to sit and observe. It is not as easy as it once was – we are so used doing rather than being.

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