Finding flow with hobbies

Life can be very distracting. So easy to lose focus and drift along. Pushed around by the currents of life.

My pursuit of hobbies can be full on or napping quietly like an old dog in the corner. One thing remains constant. A desire to find a sporting activity to burn off some stress and some muffins. But I find myself playing a very quick game of snakes and ladders. Lots of “Well I can’t do that because of that reason. And I can’t do…” and so on. I then have cup of tea and a muffin and forget about it for a while. Also the frustrating  thing is that whenever I play tennis, I really enjoy it. I don’t (frankly can’t) think about anything else while I am playing tennis. In many ways the perfect hobby. It requires your full attention. You’re in flow.

We all know a bit of exercise is good for the heart and mind. I’ve been weighing up whether to join a local tennis club for about a year. It’s about £20 a month and for me so far a year of procrastination. I know the sum of club membership doesn’t always equal regular activity. I also know that it’s hard to get into a hobby if I don’t give it a damn good try.

I googled – youtube tennis inspirational – and found this:

Time to dig out the racquets. Have a brilliant day,



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