Minimising stuff in the garage and avoiding the shops

Here in the UK the sun has finally made an appearance. But instead of going to the shops or a DIY store this weekend my thoughts turned to the garage. I know it sounds weird but stick around. In fact make a cup of tea – is that the kettle I can hear boiling?

A garage is defined as a building to house vehicles. Does anyone use their garage for that? Having completely cleared the loft last year and feeling so much better for it, the garage is undoubtedly a much bigger space to tackle. So sleeves rolled up and very quickly the usual pattern of clutter presents itself.

Stuff gets in the way of stuff. Old packaging and cardboard boxes were everywhere. The constant questioning of “Why have I been keeping this?” can be so frustrating especially when dealing with such a huge amount of clutter. But it can be surprising to see how much difference can be made just by removing old papers, carrier bags, boxes and so on.

Think of decluttering in layers. Yesterday saw about 4 large bags leave the garage, about half were recycled or donated to charity. In their wake they have started to lessen the amount of clutter remaining. Space is emerging. That stuff is gone from the garage. For good. One layer down.

Stuff can help others – not just be dumped. Some people ebay their unwanted stuff. A friend made around £700 from selling bits and pieces. You can also donate stuff to charity (thrift) shops. Some even take electricals. Try to choose ones that help others with things close to your heart. Then there’s Freecycle and Freegle – a handy way to get rid of bulky things like bikes and furniture.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be an all day affair. We can attack clutter one layer at a time. Spend just 15 minutes sorting a space, a drawer or worktop and I guarantee you’ll feel better for it.

Have a brilliant day,



2 thoughts on “Minimising stuff in the garage and avoiding the shops

  1. Your advice is very sound, just tackle a small space at a time, I have managed a few cupboards. My loft is beckoning, now the weather is warmer I can do that without risking frostbite!

    I started this process a few months back, it was lovely to give away items, it feels strangely satisfying! I was also keeping a log on my blog! (poetic eh?) it keeps me motivated.

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    • Brilliant stuff. A log on the blog – now why didn’t I think of that?! It is satisfying to give stuff away. I donated an odd footstool (chair had been donated years before) with worn faux leather to a charity shop. Moments later they sold it. It felt great. ☺️

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