Free exclusive offer

Made you look! So that heading appealed to you? Consumerism does exactly the same thing. It appeals to us and promises the world at our feet. Rarely is the focus on the product itself but more with the lifestyle being portrayed. If only we drove that car wearing those sunglasses we would be happy complete with brilliant white teeth.

In fact we need very little. I punctuated the usual post work routine of watch whatever is on TV with a trip into the garden. The cat immediately greeted me as I sat down. Almost saying “Finally you’re here, isn’t it great?” For just a few moments I just sat, feeling the warmth of the spring sun here in the UK and watching a bee visit some purple flowers. The flowers were in fact weeds but who am I to judge? I didn’t think about how tired the garden furniture looked or jobs that needed doing. I just be.

No flashy car. No flashy sunglasses. We don’t need much to enjoy a moment do we? So the offer is free and exclusive to you – to enjoy a moment free of distractions.

Have a brilliant day,



5 thoughts on “Free exclusive offer

  1. You are right, when it boils down to it there isn’t really much we need. Its odd you mention white teeth, I am not sure why but I felt my teeth were too ‘yellow’ the other day. It just popped in my head – and then I started thinking about all these ‘teeth whitening’ products in toothpaste. Logic tells me that bleach (Usually pretty good at whitening things) is not really a great idea for teeth.

    I am frustrated, there is nothing wrong with my teeth at all, I am very fortunate – where did this ‘whitening’ come from? I have cut down my magazine buying to zero, (usually a pretty good instigator of spending) I fast forward adverts. I like to imagine I have a great brain and I am pretty good at spotting spin but clearly I am still afflicted.

    What strategies have helped you?

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    • Thanks for commenting. It’s a daily struggle. I have gone from excessive shopping to a better balance. But marketing is very clever. A tweet or a YouTube video can place an idea without us realising it. I noticed some YouTubers mentioning brands that didn’t seem to fit their demographic. It’s so subtle. By the way I’m not campaigning against white teeth! It’s the whole package I detest – the whole this + this = happiness. I think the best strategy is to enjoy the stuff you love and use. And do as you are doing – be alert to what reaches us. Awareness is the greatest step.

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