Using stuff you have – the grass is greener

Over the Easter weekend the garage was the subject of a declutter fest – removing a layer of clutter. There are many more to go but today I thought I’d report back on something interesting.

Using and enjoying what you have is a step towards minimalism. If you use up stuff you own – whether unused DIY materials, surplus toiletries or some unloved bottle of wine (if there is such a thing?) – you are reducing what you own. Stuff you have. Stuff you are storing and so on.

Two items remained unloved in the garage. Namely grass feed. I think the seed one was waiting for me to buy one of those distributor rolly things (my lack of knowledge of gardening astounds me…). Hence remained unused. Then there was another bottle of liquid grass feed. Similarly highly complex in needing a watering can with a rose fitting. This is the thing with clutter – it stops you doing basic things.

So the seed feed was used up on the back lawn and the front lawn (how posh does my humble abode sound) was fed with liquid feed. Still plenty left of that but at least it had seen the light of day. So today a local guy who pops round to mow the lawns (I’m very aware that it now sounds like I own a country estate) said something quite interesting. He looked at the front lawn and his immediate response was – have you used lawn feed, the grass looks so much better.

Well there you go. Scientific proof if ever you needed it – if you use the stuff you own it carries out the purpose it was designed for. I mean I understand this is groundbreaking. I mean come on! So the question is – what is sitting unloved in your garage, shed or bathroom shelf?

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2 thoughts on “Using stuff you have – the grass is greener

  1. How wonderful that your lawn has benefitted! and noticeably too! It sounds like you are making excellent progress.

    I used to be caught up with the buying bug it wasn’t until I moved that I felt ashamed of all the things I had bought but never used. I am working my way through my fabric stash, I spent Easter making a dress with some beautiful linen fabric I have stashed away for about 18 months. It is fabulous to wear! Will be blogging about it soon.

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