Simplifying the garage. Round 2 *ding ding ding*

Last weekend saw the removal of the first layer of clutter from the garage. If you look carefully the garage clutter is not dissimilar to the Jurassic coastline. Seriously. Layers of stuff from different times. If you look carefully there are probably some fossils called Mybrokenchristmaslightfittingus. 

The last session unearthed stuff not being used such as grass feed. The grass is now looking just brilliant. This week was a bit of a random round. I was kindly reminded by Fred the Thread ( about fabric stashes and remembered one such stash in the garage. A friend had passed it to me and from day one I should have either said a polite no or passed it on immediately. None of the fabrics I liked and with the best will in the world I didn’t possess a sewing machine that can cope with very thick upholstery fabric.

This is the thing with clutter. It loves people who procrastinate even a tiny bit. So instead of making a decision there and then, being open and honest to the gifter – no instead I packed it into one of the Jurassic layers of the garage coastline. So simplifying and minimising isn’t just about looking at what you have. It’s about becoming an armed guard at your front door. Of course some stuff is fleeting, kids want balloons, hell I love ballons. But think about your tactics for stuff coming in. That’s just as important as sorting and simplifying what you have.

So this week’s treasures from the garage include some lovely flower seeds – bought with much enthusiasm before making their way to the garage. Some tennis balls. I love tennis and so these now sit with my tennis equipment (look at me I’m growing). And finally, the best treasure of all. Seeing the garage look a lot less cluttered. Let’s go treasure hunting, use our stuff and simplify our lives.

Have a a brilliant day,



2 thoughts on “Simplifying the garage. Round 2 *ding ding ding*

  1. It is hard though, to pass off a gift, I struggle, and then they expect to see the item next time they come! lol.

    It reminds me of when my son was around 7 or 8, he bough the most hideous ornament that I had ever laid eyes on and wrapped it up carefully and gave it to me. He then put it in pride of place on display in our home. I tried several times to move it to a less obvious location, hoping that he would forget it once it was out of the way, but he would find it and then put it back again! Eventually we were packing up to move so I gave it to a friend of mine who was having a sale.. big mistake, he came home with it a second time! lol.

    I got my own back, I found a china bowl of fruit one day and left it on his coffee table in his new home he knew what I was up to, for months the three of us, (my daughter included) would sneak the ornament into the house and leave it, it was really good fun.. come to think of it, where is it now? i might have it in the loft!

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