The clutter breeding program

Damn. It.

I have taken my eye off the decluttering ball and the house is showing it. A couple of busy days and lazy days have meant I’ve not been as ruthless.

Here in the UK the General Election is coming up. There are local pizza companies with offers. And estate agents want to provide a free valuation. Yes this means a barrage of leaflets through the letterbox on a daily basis at all different times of the day *shakes fist*

This is just one area of clutter that I am not addressing. Read. Recycle. Done.

I am also having a problem with books. I think I have started about 3 or 4 and not finished any of them. So they are living in the ether residing not where books should live *shakes book*

There are other problem areas too. But. The good thing is that areas I have rigorously worked on are keeping clutter free. The dining table is a sacred place. It’s for dining! Who knew!

The positive thing is that knowledge is power. I feel so uncomfortable with stuff piling up around me. I see this as a positive step in my path towards minimalism. Too much stuff affects how I feel. I don’t think I’ve been so aware of that link as I have now. I’m also aware that the clutter breeding program is underway and I need to take some simple steps. So. Every time I leave a room I will take an item with me to bin, recycle or put away.

Have a brilliant day,


PS: The green green grass is still doing well! You know. In case you were wondering.


3 thoughts on “The clutter breeding program

  1. Its frustrating when things go awry, but it doesn’t seem to take long to get back on track.

    I don’t know if you have read this book but you will love ‘The Circle of Simplicity’ by Cecile Andrews, it is just awesome! (I bought mine second hand and there is writing all over it and I love reading the notes!)

    There is a section regarding housework. (I hope you don’t mind me sharing)

    “Are your housekeeping standards your standards? Your mother’s standards? Or Good housekeeping’s standards. Maybe housekeeping standards are created, in part, by the commercials on TV – analyse the Ads notice how they cleverly instil guilt for the way our houses look. They aren’t messy, they are sparkly and shiny. Its difficult especially for women, we are judged by what our house looks like. No-one comes into a messy house and blames the husband. We all love an attractive comfortable home, but we should define, for ourselves, what that means”

    Like you, I am enthralled by the simplicity movement, but I don’t want to trade another lifestyle treadmill for another, its all too easy to set standards, new rules but end up with something that becomes so difficult to maintain the momentum gets lost. (I know I am a good quitter!) Reading those lines was a liberation – I felt as if I had put down a huge back pack of guilt and felt free again.

    So what if you have a few leaflets and they did not go straight into the recycling bin, what matters is your heart is in this change, and it has to be your own expression of it.

    You can do recycling every day for ten minutes, or you can do 7days of recycling leaflets in 10 minutes and enjoy the other hour having fun. Either way you are still doing it. πŸ˜‰

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