Minimalism and treats – inventory time

I have worked exceptionally hard this week. I am exhausted. I deserve a treat. There I said it. Ah shite. Back to little Ms Consumerist. On the way home from work I suddenly found myself looking for a treat. Perfume. You like perfume. Get some nice perfume. It’s on offer at the chemist (drugstore). Mmm. I have 3 perfumes on the go already. Perfume doesn’t last too well. No. Not perfume. *sulks*

Mascara! I need mascara. The one I have is a form of torture when I remove it. I would very easily and comfortably tell all state secrets for a smidge of relief against that damn mascara. A need! A need! Yes it ticks my minimalist box. Oh hurrah. Oh. But. Wait. I wanted to make that a planned purchase. Buying something recommended by Lisa Eldridge (a make up artist). Oh, yes. I buy things planned. So no sorry mascara not today. *shakes mascara*

I am a recovering consumerist. The difference now is that there is a thought process, an algorithm that interrupts my consumerist brain. The sums are:

💄 So do I need this? Very easy to say this quickly. Don’t rush this.

💄 Is this a planned (researched) (considered) purchase?

💄 How many of these do I have already? And that is where this latest exercise comes in.

I added up all the make up I own and then made a note of it on a list. And like the wonderful Christine in these videos I will keep this list in my wallet to remind me what I have. Thanks for the inspiration Christine!

Christine in 2012 – her honesty is both brave and brilliant:

And her fab progress to 2014:

Yes I worked hard this week. Yes I do deserve something. So I’ve booked up for some spa time. Experiences not things. Especially not things I already have lots of. Do you feel the need to treat yourself?

Have a brilliant day,


Make up inventory 2015
Lipsticks x5
Lip glosses x3
Lip liners x3
Blushes x2
Bronzers x4
Highlighters x3
Eyeshadows x4
Eyeliners x7 (all black…)
Mascara x1 (grr)
Brow products x3
Foundations x5
Powders x2
Concealers x3


2 thoughts on “Minimalism and treats – inventory time

  1. I enjoyed the post! 🙂 My favourite “treat” is going to a nice restaurant every now and then. I try to be careful about what I buy because not only does it waste money and the earth’s resources, but also it winds up as clutter, which I eventually have to get rid of somehow. So I really like this post because it addresses the important issue of how to slow our consumption and be mindful of what we bring into our homes in the first place. Good list of suggestions to help people avoid those impulse purchases. I always ask myself those sorts of questions, as well as “How often will I really use this?” Often, I just rather keep my money! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thanks Carina! Sometimes you stop and think – is it just me who thinks this? So thank you for commenting, I have worked for several years on reducing my make up stash. I had at one time 17 foundations. What. Hell. I mean come on. When I added up everything the other day I was frustrated that it was spilling out of the bag. So today I’ve gone through and played. If I can’t use it quickly and easily it’s gone (to friends at a local charity). I need to apply this inventory principle to other things like DIY supplies 😀


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