Do you make time for hobbies?

Does any of this sound familiar:

I don’t have time for hobbies. I work full time and commute for hours. My friends/kids/pets/work/laziness come first (delete as applicable).

If we repeat things often enough we can begin to believe the hype. That we can’t do X because of Y. And well don’t even get me started on Y. And so on.

Doing a hobby doesn’t have to mean acres of free time or free cash. But I can find myself caught up in the hype. Not realising that hobbies can help create space for us to think clearly. Like… doh!

I got a current craft project out at work during lunchtime and was inundated with people asking ooh what’s that? I swear it got more attention than if I was flashing around a new smartphone. Interesting stuff don’t you think? I didn’t do it to get attention (honest) and even did my best to hide my wool stash in my craft bag (guerrilla style crafting). Camouflage jackets and night vision goggles are available at all good outlets…

I really need to do more hobbies. And not be afraid of being seen as a nerd. So what if I like arrow word puzzles… Nerds of all countries unite! So what are your hobbies?

Have a brilliant day,




9 thoughts on “Do you make time for hobbies?

  1. My hobby led to me earning an income!

    It always surprises me when people say ‘I would love to sew but can’t’ its a limit they put on themselves – I might talk about all the wonderful possibilities it opens up, but their belief system holds them back.

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    • How lovely to do what you love! I am a rather cack hand crafter but I try βœ‚οΈ I also bought. Tesco code words / arrow words quiz book today to indulge in that a bit more too. You are right about belief systems. It’s been proven that the brain can’t differentiate between real and imagined too. Thanks for commenting.

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  2. I agree that making time for a hobby is very important. When I take the time for my two passions, reading and writing (and of course my granddaughter) I feel more complete. I am happier. Thank you for your post and for your blog.

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  3. Ha ha! Guerrilla style crafting. I like it! Reminds me of knitting at the back of the class at school πŸ™‚ Although these days I’ve given up hiding my knitting and, and I must say, I’ve always had positive reactions to this. Including several people who’ve watched me in waiting rooms then, as they’ve left, have crept up behind me and whispered that they admire me knitting or what I’m knitting :-). But back to the point of your post. Absolutely! I hear so may people wishing they had the time to do the things I do and I agree, it’s only their belief system stopping them.

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