Holidaying at home

I saw this magazine cover and it made me think. Don’t worry I was sitting down at the time. It’s the National Trust magazine and normally it can take me a while to read these things. Now the clutter is slowly (glacial at times) becoming less I get to see the good stuff like this more. And sooner. Yay. Are you loving my polka dot tablecloth?


So this made me think of how minimalism is paving the way to the good stuff but it also made me think about our modern concept of holidaying. And how at times this can feel like the Jones are there – just there – over there. Can you see them? Talking at length about a holiday off of the tourist trail.

I think we can easily forget what is on our doorstep. Literally. If you are lucky enough to have some outside space. A garden. A roof terrace. A local park. A beach even. Why are we defining holidays are things that need a passport? And damn this definition with its ‘especially’ bit *shakes iPad* (

I think travel is great. New experiences. New people. New food. The epitomy of getting away from it all.

But. I think if we adopt a definition that a holiday can only involve a passport or extensive air travel then that’s a bit limiting. Spare time or leisure time full stop is holiday time. If you only have a few hours spare and not weeks – it’s still time off. So. Let’s make our homes that refuge and seek out spaces to holiday at home.

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🌿 You can read more about the National Trust here: – I’m not sponsored to write this. I just really love what they do.


Reflections and what to focus on

I am finding myself in a reflective mood of late. A bit of a hold your horses let’s see what’s what kinda thing.

On the minimalism front I’m still making good progress in certain areas. As well as continuing to rationalise personal possessions (toiletries, make up, clothes) I’m doing a digital declutter. I had thousands of emails (both home and work) and I’ve been culling these daily. It feels like I’m giving the bridge of the starship enterprise a good digital dusting.

I am always impressed by the focus of bloggers. Whether it’s craft projects or their health they have such focus. I have a few things I need to focus on.

Primarily I need to improve what I eat. If I take time to do this I achieve it. When life gets busy this slips. Badly. So I can’t fix all mealtimes just yet. So the initial focus is on the evening meal to be nutritious (and not a take away).

I really should have got my shit together by now. My body needs to be nourished. But knowledge is power. Or at the very least awareness is. So what do you eat for your evening meal? I need some inspiration. Help!

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The surprising thing about simplifying

…is that it’s a continuous process. And just when you think well I’ve sorted that area you find that you can simplify even more. I must add that a room with a wooden chair and a vase is not what I’m aspiring to here. Just less stuff.

I’ve recently been taking a ton of trips and I’ve found that it’s becoming easier now I have less stuff. I know where stuff is. I only have so many clothes to wash and pack. This simplifying and minimalism works. I mean it really works. It makes life easier.

Remember those ads with the smiling bright white teeth, perfect family and flashy car? You know the one. You know that one. You get my point? They are all the bloody same. They all promise to make life easier. Well you know what you don’t have to subscribe to their prescription of an easier life. You can achieve it right now. Simplify the stuff you own.

I have found a really good place to donate stuff to. They help out people who have just moved off of the homeless radar and are now setting up home. It works on a voucher system through the local council. Either way I’m very happy donating to them. It feels good. It does good. And it’s making my life easier. What’s not to love?

So over to you – do you have stuff lying around that perhaps you are struggling to let go of? Why not give it a second lease of life and help someone else in the process?

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Kondo challenge: clothes inventory (the results!)

Yesterday I made a start on this challenge:

So my challenge today will focus on gathering together and sorting:

1. Clothes – since the last declutter I think some of my clothes may be looking a bit battered now. I’m pretty good at the one in so one goes out rule but I think I need to look at everything I have. 

I smugly reported both that I had previously hit the magic number of 40 items of clothing and I knew I was pretty good at applying the one item of clothing in = one item of clothing out rule. Oh really? Let’s read on and find out about that.

Why bother with all this? Well I’m lazy. And when you own fewer items you have less to wash, iron, store and/or possibly ignore. The whole thing becomes easier. The stuff you own you use. Clothes that are often overlooked become rarer. That sounds good right?

So here’s the inventory for clothes:

16 x T shirts

10 x cardigans (damn essential for a cold office)

7 x jumpers

7 x work tops

4 x thermals (the joys of living in Britain..)

19 x trousers

So that little lot equates to 63 items. So. Ok not bad. However I have noticed that having more stuff has been a pain. Washing has piled up and so on (apologies if you get the illusion I am a lazy mare because I use the word illusion quite wrongly – I am indeed a lazy git).

So in the true spirit of simplifying today I will:

* declutter 13 items of clothing (I’ve already found 2 knackered jumpers, 1 fading t shirt, 1 tired pair of trousers… And a partridge in a pear tree. I may have made that last bit up. Then that declutter still leaves me at 50 items of clothing. If I can be even more ruthless I will!

* tackle boots, shoes and trainers.

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Today’s Kondo challenge: clothes

Who is up for a mini challenge? There’s two days left of our wet bank holiday weekend here in the UK. It’s overcast and drizzling with rain. Urgh. I’m like a bear in a cage when the weather is like this. *shakes fist at the rain*

I’m thinking that if I can the best use of this bad weather now (stick with me on this) then when it’s sunny I can enjoy it guilt free. Not worrying about doing this or that. I’m thinking a mini challenge Marie Kondo style. I read an article today (see below) and what struck me was the concept of decluttering and simplifying by category not room location. Mmm.

I applied this to cosmetics but not to everything else. I have (smugly) counted up my clothes before and met the magic 40 items (I know!). That was some time ago. My clothes seem to be in every corner of the house at the moment *tuts*

So my challenge today will focus on gathering together and sorting:

1. Clothes – since the last declutter I think some of my clothes may be looking a bit battered now. I’m pretty good at the one in so one goes out rule but I think I need to look at everything I have. So I’ll get the washing up to date for this too (honestly I don’t know how I would have coped on washing day without a machine).

And if I get time:

2. Toiletries (non make up) – so we’re talking about skincare, bath stuff, that sort of thing. I think I’ve found 8 body lotions. Mmm. Ok it’s not awful but I think that’s quite a lot and they are all taking up space. I could be using just 1 or 2 that I really love.

Anyone fancy joining in? Let’s get simplifying.

Have a brilliant day,


Articles: (a Google talk with Marie)