Today’s Kondo challenge: clothes

Who is up for a mini challenge? There’s two days left of our wet bank holiday weekend here in the UK. It’s overcast and drizzling with rain. Urgh. I’m like a bear in a cage when the weather is like this. *shakes fist at the rain*

I’m thinking that if I can the best use of this bad weather now (stick with me on this) then when it’s sunny I can enjoy it guilt free. Not worrying about doing this or that. I’m thinking a mini challenge Marie Kondo style. I read an article today (see below) and what struck me was the concept of decluttering and simplifying by category not room location. Mmm.

I applied this to cosmetics but not to everything else. I have (smugly) counted up my clothes before and met the magic 40 items (I know!). That was some time ago. My clothes seem to be in every corner of the house at the moment *tuts*

So my challenge today will focus on gathering together and sorting:

1. Clothes – since the last declutter I think some of my clothes may be looking a bit battered now. I’m pretty good at the one in so one goes out rule but I think I need to look at everything I have. So I’ll get the washing up to date for this too (honestly I don’t know how I would have coped on washing day without a machine).

And if I get time:

2. Toiletries (non make up) – so we’re talking about skincare, bath stuff, that sort of thing. I think I’ve found 8 body lotions. Mmm. Ok it’s not awful but I think that’s quite a lot and they are all taking up space. I could be using just 1 or 2 that I really love.

Anyone fancy joining in? Let’s get simplifying.

Have a brilliant day,


Articles: (a Google talk with Marie)


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