Kondo challenge: clothes inventory (the results!)

Yesterday I made a start on this challenge:

So my challenge today will focus on gathering together and sorting:

1. Clothes – since the last declutter I think some of my clothes may be looking a bit battered now. I’m pretty good at the one in so one goes out rule but I think I need to look at everything I have. 

I smugly reported both that I had previously hit the magic number of 40 items of clothing and I knew I was pretty good at applying the one item of clothing in = one item of clothing out rule. Oh really? Let’s read on and find out about that.

Why bother with all this? Well I’m lazy. And when you own fewer items you have less to wash, iron, store and/or possibly ignore. The whole thing becomes easier. The stuff you own you use. Clothes that are often overlooked become rarer. That sounds good right?

So here’s the inventory for clothes:

16 x T shirts

10 x cardigans (damn essential for a cold office)

7 x jumpers

7 x work tops

4 x thermals (the joys of living in Britain..)

19 x trousers

So that little lot equates to 63 items. So. Ok not bad. However I have noticed that having more stuff has been a pain. Washing has piled up and so on (apologies if you get the illusion I am a lazy mare because I use the word illusion quite wrongly – I am indeed a lazy git).

So in the true spirit of simplifying today I will:

* declutter 13 items of clothing (I’ve already found 2 knackered jumpers, 1 fading t shirt, 1 tired pair of trousers… And a partridge in a pear tree. I may have made that last bit up. Then that declutter still leaves me at 50 items of clothing. If I can be even more ruthless I will!

* tackle boots, shoes and trainers.

Have a brilliant day,


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2 thoughts on “Kondo challenge: clothes inventory (the results!)

  1. De-cluttering – a dirty word!! Cluttering – a word that brings TEMPORARY joy to the male brain. Accumulating is a gradual process. De-cluttering is a PROJECT that’s time consuming and often overwhelming.
    You have just motivated me to begin the process!

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