The surprising thing about simplifying

…is that it’s a continuous process. And just when you think well I’ve sorted that area you find that you can simplify even more. I must add that a room with a wooden chair and a vase is not what I’m aspiring to here. Just less stuff.

I’ve recently been taking a ton of trips and I’ve found that it’s becoming easier now I have less stuff. I know where stuff is. I only have so many clothes to wash and pack. This simplifying and minimalism works. I mean it really works. It makes life easier.

Remember those ads with the smiling bright white teeth, perfect family and flashy car? You know the one. You know that one. You get my point? They are all the bloody same. They all promise to make life easier. Well you know what you don’t have to subscribe to their prescription of an easier life. You can achieve it right now. Simplify the stuff you own.

I have found a really good place to donate stuff to. They help out people who have just moved off of the homeless radar and are now setting up home. It works on a voucher system through the local council. Either way I’m very happy donating to them. It feels good. It does good. And it’s making my life easier. What’s not to love?

So over to you – do you have stuff lying around that perhaps you are struggling to let go of? Why not give it a second lease of life and help someone else in the process?

Have a brilliant day,



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