Reflections and what to focus on

I am finding myself in a reflective mood of late. A bit of a hold your horses let’s see what’s what kinda thing.

On the minimalism front I’m still making good progress in certain areas. As well as continuing to rationalise personal possessions (toiletries, make up, clothes) I’m doing a digital declutter. I had thousands of emails (both home and work) and I’ve been culling these daily. It feels like I’m giving the bridge of the starship enterprise a good digital dusting.

I am always impressed by the focus of bloggers. Whether it’s craft projects or their health they have such focus. I have a few things I need to focus on.

Primarily I need to improve what I eat. If I take time to do this I achieve it. When life gets busy this slips. Badly. So I can’t fix all mealtimes just yet. So the initial focus is on the evening meal to be nutritious (and not a take away).

I really should have got my shit together by now. My body needs to be nourished. But knowledge is power. Or at the very least awareness is. So what do you eat for your evening meal? I need some inspiration. Help!

Have a brilliant day



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