Holidaying at home

I saw this magazine cover and it made me think. Don’t worry I was sitting down at the time. It’s the National Trust magazine and normally it can take me a while to read these things. Now the clutter is slowly (glacial at times) becoming less I get to see the good stuff like this more. And sooner. Yay. Are you loving my polka dot tablecloth?


So this made me think of how minimalism is paving the way to the good stuff but it also made me think about our modern concept of holidaying. And how at times this can feel like the Jones are there – just there – over there. Can you see them? Talking at length about a holiday off of the tourist trail.

I think we can easily forget what is on our doorstep. Literally. If you are lucky enough to have some outside space. A garden. A roof terrace. A local park. A beach even. Why are we defining holidays are things that need a passport? And damn this definition with its ‘especially’ bit *shakes iPad* (

I think travel is great. New experiences. New people. New food. The epitomy of getting away from it all.

But. I think if we adopt a definition that a holiday can only involve a passport or extensive air travel then that’s a bit limiting. Spare time or leisure time full stop is holiday time. If you only have a few hours spare and not weeks – it’s still time off. So. Let’s make our homes that refuge and seek out spaces to holiday at home.

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⛵️ Did you like the poorly lit photo? More photos in the blog? Yes / No / Look Melanie I really don’t care?

🌿 You can read more about the National Trust here: – I’m not sponsored to write this. I just really love what they do.


5 thoughts on “Holidaying at home

  1. I work from home in a small flat – so everyday my dog gets a walk four times it is so good to get out. We fluctuate from: churchyard where he chases the ball on the ground close to the church without graves. The community garden by the river, the ducks always herald our arrival – the grass is long and the blackberries are in flower. There are the gorgeous gardens of the old rectory that were bought by the parish council -with a gorgeous fish pond and topiary trees – it even has a story telling seat. Finally, there is nothing more wonderful than the beach – especially when it is blustery and the waves are all energy. I suppose you can consider these little holidays.

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  2. I agree with your thinking. A “staycation” ( a stay at home vacation) is a wonderful concept. There are so many places within hours of where people live that can create wonderful times and memories. Creating a blend of distance and local travel offers the best of both worlds. A great suggestion!

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    • Aww thanks. I think it’s important as we can get into trying to keep up with a specific ideal of super expensive holidays. When really like you say there are things we can do and enjoy nearby. 😀

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