Pampering minimalist style

I am a recovering spendaholic. I once owned 17 foundations. What. The. Hell? So the beauty industry is a seductress to me. Does your skin feel drier as you age? *Touches face and nods* Have you lost that glow? *Looks in mirror and nods* Fancy losing another £30? *Um* and so on.

But trying to walk the minimalist path can be difficult when it comes to pampering. Buy experiences not stuff. Check. Sales targets and upselling. Oh for the love of God. Now if you love x product and it brings you joy then hell it needs to stay. But if you fancy some free pampering then read on.

And by the way. If someone had said to me 5 or 10 years ago I’d have coconut oil in my home let alone as a beauty product I would have laughed. Cook with it? No you must be kidding it’s full of saturated fat. Put it on your skin? Um are you for real? And now look… Just look!


Yesterday I rediscovered this video. It’s by Lisa Eldridge a well established make up artist. The good thing is that throughout she says that to do this facial massage you don’t need to buy any special products. You could use olive oil or a cleanser. How refreshing to watch a YouTube video and know you are not being manipulated by marketing men/women. Is that just great?

So. Please give it a go. It is free and your face will thank you for it.

Have a brilliant day,



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