3 ways to simplify – Minimalism rules (ok?)

Things are slowly becoming easier. Having less stuff means less work. You probably have read or heard many of these principles before but… I believe they are helping. Creating space. It’s a slow process. Glacial at times. But things are improving.

Three ways to simplify:

1. One in. One out.

If you buy clothing, a pair new shoes, new coat, whatever. Another must go to balance it out. I know it’s mean right? But necessary? Yes! It means the amount of stuff you own overall does not increase. It’s a maths thing. Sometimes we can hold onto stuff that we don’t wear and that others may appreciate. Share the love and do the maths. One in. One out.

2. Use what you have. Don’t save for best.

I know this is Rocket Science right? If say perfume or aftershave is your weakness – gather your stash together and see what you have. Usually it’s a lot more than we realise. And now the hard bit, use it. Don’t save for best. When is best? Isn’t today already a great day to use that lovely perfume or aftershave? How many times have you saved something only for it to go bad?

3. Find a cause close to your heart. 

Any declutter task – whether it’s clearing a wardrobe, a junk room or the kitchen – can be easier if you set a cause to donate the stuff to. Not just any cause. Something close to you heart, that gives you a lump in your throat when you think about it. Moves you. Got it? I know I’m tearing up just writing this. I firmly believe that having a cause to donate to makes Decluttering easier. And don’t look for warm praise or thanks when you drop off your donations. They are often volunteers who get tired/deal with difficult customers. Just politely donate your wares and leave. Job done.

So err. This is kinda embarrassing but what are you doing here still? Don’t you have some simplifying to do?

Have a brilliant day,



6 thoughts on “3 ways to simplify – Minimalism rules (ok?)

    • Thanks! Yes it is hard. I’m trying to do it with toiletries as beyond the basics there’s only so much we need. I opened a jar of ‘precious’ bath salts today and I’d saved them for best. When exactly is best in bath terms… Had they lost their scent. Yep.

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  1. I’m not very good with the one in, one out strategy but I have been trying to use all my stuff instead of saving it. Last holidays I got out all my good cutlery (from my wedding 16 years ago) that was still in the original box on the top of a shelf and placed it all in my new hutch. Still haven’t used it but I am using the other good cutlery I had stashed away and also all my good glasses, coffee mugs etc. It’s a shame to let them sit in their boxes doing nothing.

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