Paint by numbers. Rock by Casbah. Work by music.

Routine. Pattern. All words I struggle with. Actually tell a lie, the words are fine. It’s the concept.

From my About page you’d have read (you’ve read it and liked it right?) that my lovely Nan used to give me boiled sweets at night. Most kids were brought up to clean their teeth and get to bed. Oh no. Not my Nan. To hell with routine she thought. Let’s have some lovely boiled sweets. Aww Nan bless you!

So. Routine is understandably an alien concept to me. But. I have found a key. In fact none of this is new. But playing music while doing a must-do task somehow messes with your tired mind/body/spirit and says… “Come on let’s do this!” Paint by numbers. Work by music. Doh!

Here are some of my favourite tunes. I don’t pretend for one moment to have a mature or sophisticated taste in music. But. They help fire me up to do something! Usually things like housework. And they are a useful way to time yourself. That sounds nerdy right? Ok here they are.

So I’ve shared some of my get up and do it music – what’s yours?

Have a brilliant day,



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