Technical glitch

A short blog today as I have had a short fuse or two! Plugs and leads. I have a love / hate relationship going on with these so-called enablers. *shakes fist*

I must have shares in any producer of iPad leads in the world. You can tell I have had technical difficulties! Two iPad leads selfishly decided (yes they did!) to fail. At the same time. How rude! And frustrating! *shakes two broken leads*

Mainly because going into a shop means you buy said replacement leads and some twin tip Sharpie pens for the new colouring craze. I know! *breathe*

However this has meant less surfing. So not all bad. How do you curtail mindless surfing? I’m asking for a friend..

Have a brilliant day,


PS: I categorised this under ‘Kindness’

PPS: I have no idea why.. 😁


2 thoughts on “Technical glitch

  1. I have had to buy two leads for my mac laptop in the last year! frustrating! I can’t seem to make the leap to iPad only, I still love my big keyboard.

    Its good to have rules, but sometimes life has its little pleasures, what is a few sharpies among friends? colouring is the best relaxation therapy you can have and think of all those therapy sessions you are saving on! lol

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    • I read leap as lead… I’m getting obsessed! I had my eye on a set from Hobbycraft but saw these first. Fickle? Moi? Oh yes! I like your rationale for the spend hiccup. It’s a medicinal health therapy thing. Like it. 😷


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