3 ways to honour your hobbies and your heart

Cheesy headline? Yes. Got your attention? Hope so! Yesterday I had a clear lesson in the importance of hobbies and passions in our lives. I also had a clear lesson in the importance of research.

So what happened? Well there I was reading one of many lovely blogs (thanks Bekki at The Creativity Cauldron) and switched to Twitter when I stumbled across something. I’m an amateur aviation nerd and how amateur I am was quickly revealed in all its glory. I found out that the only surviving flying Vulcan (think Falklands War, think delta wing, think yes she really is a nerd!) – but also think please read on. This beautiful jet was going to fly today. Possibly one of the last times ever in my neck of the woods. *sniff*

So I abandoned the cat (not impressed), abandoned the groceries (not impressed with the later to be revealed leaking washing up liquid-gate) and jumped in the car. I managed to get there just in time. It was pouring with rain but I didn’t care. I waved as she flew over and I can’t lie I shed a few tears. I know it is a heap of metal and I’m a heap of a mess. But hey we all have our passions. Anyway enough with the details. What can I and hopefully you learn from all this?

1. Organised research

You love going to the theatre, cinema, sports game, craft / antique / specialist fairs, airshow… Whatever. The same rules apply you need to get organised. Set up a list of favourites or bookmarks and then check them regularly. You never know where it might lead. This year led to many wonderful things including the Vulcan flypast.

2. Get nosey

You know those REALLY annoying people. No I’m not thinking of the Kardashians although… No I’m thinking of people who have fabulous weekends ALL THE TIME. You know the sort of thing. “I took a steam train ride to the seaside.” “I went to a show at London Fashion week.” That sort of thing. Get nosey. Get asking them about it. Yes they may gloat but that’s ok. Life is about experiences and hell if there is a way to shortcut to the good stuff then let’s do this.

3. Get booking

I have a confession to make. No I didn’t read Fifty shades of grey. No I um how do I put this? I have recently got into watching darts. Lakeside darts. I don’t quite know how it happened but I find the atmosphere amazing. So I had made a mental note that I must book up when they run an event. So what happened? I was on their site just as they announced tickets for £7.50. I hesitated and thought I’ll book tomorrow. Big mistake. No tickets left the next day. Fool! So don’t faff about like I did. Book!

Have a brilliant day,


PS: So this is a clip from the weekend – check out the Simpsons style sky. The kids screaming with excitement (pretty much like I was yesterday). The car alarms going off. And finally the very British and respectful round of applause. Good night XH558.


3 thoughts on “3 ways to honour your hobbies and your heart

  1. I’m glad you saw your Vulcan. I’m sure my post was subliminally sending you off to look for it 😉 Oh I so I identify with number three – thanks for highlighting it. ~I resolve to work on that one.

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