July fest

Apologies for the radio silence. July has passed me by. So what the devil have I been up to?

Well, Bekki at The Creativity Cauldron did a really interesting article. A coaching piece:


With some fundamental questions like… What do you want more of and less of in your life? Equally what do you want to spend more or less time doing? This stopped me in my tracks. So I didย a bit of an audit. I’ll share some snippets. Hope they are interesting and not me just navel gazing, out loud, in front of others. You’re still there right?


I am a recovering spendaholic. As such I have to be careful. Real careful otherwise I can lose control. Problem is unlike booze or fags or drugs which you can avoid – I can’t live without certain things such as basic toiletries. I’m sure there is a way to rub a banana skin onto my face at night to moisturise it and I’m a wannabe hippie. I’m just not quite there yet. So although my stashing days are long gone – and to think of the storage I had dedicated to it all – I have found of late that I’ve accrued a stash that now makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s at the many bottles and tubs open and scent losing stage.

So what I have done? Well it turns out that having a use up pile of toiletries is a thing in webville. It’s called things like project pan. The idea being you target said product til you hit pan (see the metal or packaging) to use it up. So I’ve been doing just that. And the result? It feels good and my stash (irrespective of how small it is now to what it used to be) is getting smaller by the day. Pampered. Less stuff. Done! (Well being done. Just down the road from done. You know near the pub).

Bite the bullet

Having been in debt (serious debt) I am incredibly careful with money. Problem is too careful in areas where I need to spend. And I mean need! I delayed buying a new bed. The result was an aggravated back. I delayed many things. Too many things. Things I needed. So I created a heading from this audit called Bite the bullet. This was not a blank cheque to buy whatever I wanted. But a permission to myself to buy what I needed.

So I made a start. I ordered some Bose headphones as my neighbours can be noisy in the summer. Unfortunately someone else thought they needed them and they have gone missing. All being sorted with the retailer. A delivery that never was. But I am surprisingly calm about that – probably because I was in all day of the alleged delivery. Not sponsored this by the way. In case you wondered. Peace and love.

I also ordered a specialist chair – a sort of chair that inverts you. I have reflexology on a similar chair so have bagged one for myself. It’s lovely. I feel it deserves a special name. I hereby name this chair… Ethel! Like a lovely Auntie who comforts you when you’re a sleepy / hungry / tired child. I love Aunt Ethel. You always know where you are with Aunt Ethel. On the lovely chair. A dreadful joke…

I have lots of other headings around things I need to work on but to have made headway in two areas is progress so I’ll not beat myself up about leaving some areas untouched, a bit Miss Haversham like.ย The thing that always astounds me is that when you start tinkering in one area something moves elsewhere. For instance, the focus in these areas somehow tapped into my concern around eating better and put me in touch with a nutritionist. And get me making sweetcorn fritters courtesy of Nigel Slater. They look like fritters and everything. More on the nutritionist journey no doubt will be coming soon.

.Corn frittersA flower shaped fritter. That is all. Move along.

So…. Um. You’re still here (awkward). No of course not. But what I do want to know is…. What do you want more of in your life? I know I am so nosey right?

Have a brilliant day,


More info about things I’ve mentioned above:




9 thoughts on “July fest

  1. What a lovely post, I think we are all constantly evolving and wanting to find a higher self and it sounds as if you are making great strides.

    Like you, I was getting deeper into debt – I think we all can so easily get hooked into buying as a compensation – in my case I wasn’t being creative enough. I read a wonderful book called the Prosperous Heart by Julia Cameron, its a LOVING debt recovery plan, and a year later I am pleased to say I am living within my means. And I have discovered the joy of wish lists… it creates a gap between buying on impulse and buying mindfully. It also feels like Christmas when you were a child – that anticipation.

    I can also recommend a brilliant and talented Alison at http://www.brocantehome.net
    I am currently doing her housekeeping course and it is brilliant – one of the themes is all about balancing the housework and treating yourself to indulgences.. like your make-up etc, hers are about aromatherapy baths etc, usually home made. She also has a course on de-cluttering and blogging. What I enjoy most is that the way she writes is like having advice from the wisest kindest woman you will ever meet!

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely honest post

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    • Thank you so much. It just flowed you know? Always worried I’m picking on fluff which doesn’t interest others. So good to know it relates to others.
      What a great result to have turned your debt situation around like that. Well done you, so many people fail and shrug their shoulders. You took the bull by the horns and gave it a bloody good talking too but crucially also listened. Your creative heart was crying and you listened. ๐Ÿ˜
      You always amaze with your learning. I must look up all those references. See you’ve opened another door for me ๐Ÿ˜Š Make that a lot of doors โ˜บ๏ธ
      I have a favourites folder called ‘Possibly buy’ so really similar to your wish list idea too. Creates a gap between finding something and then a considered purchase. I’m not perfect but baby steps each day.
      Thanks for popping by โ˜บ๏ธ

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  2. Hi Melanie. So pleased my post inspired you and has helped you get more in top of things. I agree, you can’t work on all areas at once – it’s a case of prioritising (and re-prioritising regularly). And I so agree if you start working on one area it can be incredible how it impacts positively on one you weren’t even consciously thinking about. Good luck with balancing the books!

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