Marie Kondo. Two words which have kept me incredibly busy.

I made a start on Kondo-ing back in May but I didn’t finish things. I made a good start though: Kondo challenge: clothes inventory (the results!) http://wp.me/p5UL7i-4u

So this time I’ve made a plan of attack. Marie Kondo’s book, The life changing magic of tidying up, isn’t just some other Decluttering book. She asks you to think about why you are decluttering and getting your house in order. This stops you in your tracks. Why get your house in order? Then she asks you to visualise what you want your home to look like. This is powerful stuff.

Look at this video for a quick taster: Watch Marie Kondo’s life-changing magic transform this messy work-space! http://www.fastcompany.com/3046086/most-creative-people-2015/marie-kondo-teaches-us-how-to-organize-our-office

So the important thing is to remember you start by discarding the items you don’t love or that don’t give you joy. Then when you’ve done that you decide where to put your stuff, your keepers. And Marie covers how folding helps the clothing (yeah I know that’s a bit hippy). I am surprisingly getting into folding. Who knew? I think the attraction is that stuff takes up less space (don’t ball socks up my friend) but also when you open a drawer it has a shop-looking display and incredibly tidy feel to it. I must stop feeling the need to invite people to look at my drawers. People may think I’m deranged.

Marie recommends working through items in a specific order basically so you deal with easier stuff initially (clothes) and then it gradually gets harder. Moving onto books, papers (eek). miscellaneous (which I’ll categorise) through to da dun da… Momentoes.

September is a time of change. A new season. A new normal many of us. So I’m dedicating September to Kondo. Who’s with me?


5 thoughts on “Kondofest

  1. What a lovely example of how our space affects our work – her work space was terrible but it is typical of the clutter that we seem to be immune to after a while. I live in a small flat which is a challenge in itself, but I am about to move – it is a perfect opportunity to connect with objects in this way. So many things are ‘gifted’ and it isn’t so much the object itself but the emotions attached to it. Its a thought provoking process and giving thanks and parting with a blessing is such a lovely thing – I believe it creates good vibes.

    I wonder if you would be kind enough to look at this website, I am presently working through one of the housekeeping guides and despite the business of the website, she advocates similar principles to Kondo. At the heart of her 30 day plan – is the concept of the home as a sanctuary where love and care abound. I hope you will find it as useful as I do. http://www.brocantehome.net


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