Sandal-gate – Kondo clothes phase 1 – shoes, scarves and other stuff

I have dedicated September to Marie Kondo and I’m following her book, The life changing magic of tidying up.

I have sorted through undergarments* today. *Ok socks, knickers/pants. I am British, I was trying to be polite, cut me some slack! It was a surreal conversation to ask pants and socks – do you spark joy? However weirdly I found that some items just didn’t spark joy. I then committed a Kondo crime I had balled up the socks I planned to keep. Funnily enough I only noticed because I thought they are taking up a fair amount of space. Whereas folded socks look nicer and take up less space. Mmm. This book makes a lot of sense.

I then gathered all my shoes (boots, sandals, trainers) together. A crucial part of Marie Kondo’s method is to group everything together so you get to see truly how much you have. This hurts and can be a bit shocking. I nearly relegated a pair of trainers to DIY workwear (such as painting). But then I realised I don’t do much painting.. So they and a pair of unworn and hugely uncomfortable boots were let go. I haven’t thanked them but will when I drop off the bags to charity. Luckily I don’t have many pairs but was still frustrated to find a pair of new flip flops that I hadn’t worn (had forgotten about) and would have been ideal for summer. Lesson learned.

I love scarves. They are the equivalent of lusting over beautiful fabrics. Even better you get to wear them. So again I grouped them all in one place. Saying thank you and goodbye to a scarf was a bit harder than I thought it would be. A scarf given to me as a present was hard to give away but the simple fact is it didn’t suit me.

So that’s what I’m calling phase 1 for clothes. I didn’t think I got rid of much but three bags are waiting to go to the charity shop. All containing stuff that doesn’t bring me joy and frankly has got in the way of the good stuff. Think sandal-gate.

Have a brilliant and joyful day,



3 thoughts on “Sandal-gate – Kondo clothes phase 1 – shoes, scarves and other stuff

  1. Hi Melanie,
    I hadn’t heard of this book, it sounds interesting. Although I may be wrong but your post isn’t filled with sparkly joy, just loss and letting go – I hope you are ok?

    I have a lot of scarves but don’t wear them much – there is something sensual about the silk I plan to use some of them to make lingerie and I also used a beautiful scarf to make a lovely cushion that still delights me when I see it.

    I love the idea of minimalism – but it is at odds with my creativity – I need stimulation in the form of fabrics and wool. I see the two as scales to be balanced and it is a bit of a challenge for me at times.


    • Aww yes ok. Probably a little frustrated – I don’t have the energy to sort as much as I want as quickly as I want. Need to be realistic. This pace is ok (repeats to self). The creativity angle so important. I’m hoping that freeing stuff in the home that frustrates then frees up my energy and headspace for creative stuff.
      And making beautiful things is such a good way to repurpose what you love. Blimey knickers out of a silk scarf! x

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