Kondo clothes phase 2 – hats, gloves and thick scarves

Autumn is here in the UK. The sun is out today but my is it getting cooler in the evenings.

So it is a good time to give my hats, gloves and thick scarves the Kondo treatment. This wonderful decluttering process of only keeping things that bring you joy.

I opened the ottoman that contains these winter accessories and found… Three lightweight scarves. Doh! Luckily they are all keepers so they will be washed and put with the other lightweight scarves. Nicely folded.

I emptied the ottoman and began working through each item. It was a bit like sorting through Christmas decorations. A bit of hey I haven’t seen you for a while. Some scarves are momentoes and still give me joy so they are keepers. In the end I let go of just two pairs of gloves (both were uncomfortable, comfortable = joy). I keep forgetting to say thank you to items I am letting go. Will make a point of doing this today.

I also let go of some odd gloves. I managed by luck to find the partner of one but not the others. They have sat in a box labelled odd gloves for a few years. So they are off to clothes recycling via the charity shop, labelled as rag bag. Enjoy your new life gloves. Peace and love.

I’m a bit behind with the washing so will make the most of the sunshine today to get that done so I can carry on with clothes tomorrow. A key theme of Marie Kondo’s method is that you bring all similar items together so you can review them in context.

So that I keep ploughing on and making progress, today I’m going to look at hair stuff. Brushes, products, styling tools. Eek. It’s a lovely day so I’m going to do this quickly! Off we go!


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