Kondo – hair stuff – Wand-gate

I have taken a mini break from clothes sorting (while I catch up on washing) to sort through hair stuff. I’m keen to keep the Kondo ball rolling. So yesterday I looked at hair brushes, tools, products and so on.

First things first you gather everything together. I then quickly noticed a theme. I had a lot of gifts with purchase, ‘exclusive’ boxes and Christmas gifts. They all resulted in lots of miniatures. Great for travel I hear you say. Not so much if you don’t use said product. Mmm.

To cut myself some slack I have been really good with the whole subscription beauty box thing. Where you pay X amount for a box of treats* – and by *treats I mean products you wouldn’t necessarily buy but somehow accumulated together in a box represent great value and add a fancy name (Discovery collection) they become a marketer’s dream. Nothing wrong with these if you like them and they bring you joy. And if you can afford them. It’s just that for a recovering spendaholic I need to tread lightly, looking straight ahead.

So what didn’t bring me joy and what did I say thank you and goodbye to? Well multiple¬†hairsprays (including miniatures), hair dye and styling products I’ll never use. I put several aside to give them a trial and if a joy to use (effortless with good results) then they stay. I’d recently rationalised how many brushes I owned and yesterday found just one that didn’t bring me joy.

I then noticed I had three curling wands. One still with protective packaging on the plug. Signs of my consumer excesses are still around. Let’s be positive here, I’ll now use and review these over the next few weeks. I will curate the collection to a smaller number. I already used the new tongs and found they were really good. Yay!


So is any of this making a difference? Yes. Yes, yes!

As you say thank you and goodbye to the stuff that doesn’t bring you joy it then leaves behind space. Space for the things you love. As well as freeing up storage (clear shoeboxes) that I can re-use to organise (post-Kondo process) my craft things.

Have a brilliant day and I’ll leave you with this inspiring video which really drills down what we need (it’s not very long):


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