Kondo clothes phase 3 – work tops and Lotion-gate

Back to Kondo-ing clothes today. Today I decided to look at work clothes specifically tops.

It’s off to work tops we go

I gathered everything together including any jackets/cardigans that I wear solely for work. I had made a start on the Kondo process a few months ago and made progress with my clothes. You can find this detailed post at the end of this – don’t read it just yet. Stay a while!

It was pleasing to see a) not too many items and b) I liked everything I have. They all give me joy. Some new items have come in since my post of a few months ago but by applying the one in, one out rule I have maintained a nice collection of work tops. What’s really interesting is that this gives me hope that the Marie Kondo method of decluttering not only works but also has longetivity. *Cuddles Marie Kondo*

I then put the items back trying to have longest items in the wardrobe on the left then everything gradually gets shorter. Mmm. I might take a while to master that.


Rather than leave it there I thought I’d look at another category. I know I have a problem of too many body creams so I decided to look at those. I didn’t know precisely how many I had so I counted them up. Nine. Nine body lotions. That feels like a lot. It is a lot. I just rechecked yep it’s nine. So my plan is to lather up daily as if I’m preparing for a cross channel swim.

Are you decluttering and getting your house in order? Let’s share ideas and tips. Have a brilliant day,


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4 thoughts on “Kondo clothes phase 3 – work tops and Lotion-gate

  1. Sounds as if you have been busy, all that clutter and impulse purchasing whittled down to nine body lotions, I bet that is a fantastic achievement when you consider where you were a while ago. Well done you!

    I buy ordinary cream – and add a few drops of rose, geranium and lavender oil – it smells heavenly.

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    • Thank you! I used up one bottle the other day so I just need to keep focused. I love rose – one is a body butter by soapsmith. I have a lavender based oil. Yep pretty much the same tastes! I have a strawberry one. A coconut based one. Mmm there is a theme. Time to pamper. The end game is to get to just one or two. It might take six months! ☺️

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