Kondo clothes phase 4 – trousers, jumpers, cardigans, t shirts

All this month I am holding a Kondofest using Marie Kondo’s book, The life changing magic of tidying up. I don’t know about you but unless I commit to something it won’t get done or completely finished. So I’ve picked up from where I started a few months ago but this time I am putting all my efforts into it. I will complete it!

Today I looked at trousers, jumpers, cardigans and t shirts. I had looked at these a few months ago so today is really a bit of a test. A test around whether Kondo works and has longetivity. And today it was another resounding yes. Again a few new items have come in, but I like everything I have. All I did let go was a t shirt which was now uncomfortable to wear.

So it feels I’ve had an easy day today which is great. But later I looked at strong shopping bags. I’m a bit of a hippy and hate single use carrier bags. Whenever a shop offers me a bag (and hopefully I have one with me) I politely decline and say – “Try and help the environment.” I spoke to a guy in B&M Bargains who responded when I said this – he agreed and said how much he hates handing out such flimsy carrier bags. I’d found a fellow hippie! Next month here in England big shops will start charging 5p for these bags. Hurrah, that will change our habits!

I pulled together all the strong bags I own and organised them. Such as putting a couple in my handbag and in the boot of the car.

Then all I’ve done is spot more strong bags lurking in strange places. Argh! Oh well I’ve made a start.

The final Kondo phases for clothes will be coats and jackets. Then handbags. Not bad eh? Just shows when you put your mind onto it you can really get things done.

Peace and love,




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