Kondo clothes phase 5 – coats, jackets, handbags, swimwear



I had a few days rest during my Kondofest this month. Just to refocus and reenergise. So grab yourself a hot drink and read on.


Luckily – and special thanks to Ikea for handy hooks* – all my coats were pretty much all in the same place. So sorting through them was easier than it has been for other items. I found a navy blazer that I’d bought on sale and had worn just once. I tried it on and it didn’t make me feel special. So it’s on it’s way to a new home and frankly a better life where it will be used. Why did I buy it? Doh!

A couple of items need to go to the dry cleaners. Another needs some major repairs and may constitute 90% hand stitching and 10% coat. But it fits so well and it’s a lovely soft material.

*not sponsored, nope. 


The joy of the Marie Kondo process is rediscovery. I found a lovely pink bag, really practical and in good condition. The same couldn’t be said for a pink leather bag. (Hey there’s a theme of pink). This former glory was a beautiful pink so I painstakingly took the best part of the evening cleaning it. It looks better. I will have to work on the handles a bit more, you’d think I work on a farm for how mucky they were. *shakes handbag*

Moving on, I let an expensive unused purchase go. It had been bought on a whim. Admired by friends but totally unused. It had a weird shape and no useful pockets. Farewell furry friend enjoy your new life!

Having decided what to keep I then went about giving each bag what they need. It is so calming to look after what you own. Yesterday it was for bags but I felt this same calmness / contentment when I cleaned my shoes before organising into storage. It took me back to memories of laying out newspaper and polishing all of our shoes with a tin of polish and elbow grease.

The leather bags I’ve cleaned are air drying before they are neatly put away. I noticed in some Marie Kondo videos that people display their bags like a retail display. An interesting idea, so you feel you are shopping your wardrobe. Others put bags into bags. What I own doesn’t really lend itself to that. I then found some polystyrene chips (grrr) from a recent delivery, popped them into a bag and used them to pad a couple of bags to help them keep a lovely shape.


Who knew swimwear could be an emotional category to apply the Kondo process to? Nope me neither. But a gorgeous turquoise swimming costume was precisely that. I bought it to use when I went away with some friends. We kinda fell out for a long while and now when I look at this bloody swimming costume I feel hurt. I know this is weird right? To be fair this said attire also had a damn awkward fastening at the back. Combined this meant it definitely did not spark joy.

I then found two more swimming costumes than had straps that don’t stray put when you are swimming. How. Annoying. For some reason I have thought that by storing them this magically fixes that. Off you pop cossies for a new life.

Bits and bobs

While digging through stuff I found a beautiful grey hat that I had forgotten about. It’s a baker boy style. Love it. It somehow had ended up in a bag of stuff to repair / to go to the dry cleaners. Technically I think that any items then found after you have done the Kondo process should be discarded. The theory is you didn’t miss it. To balance this out I will let another hat go – a hat which looks nice but can pinch when you wear it.

Kondo clothes phase

So apart from some repairs/cleaning and some dry cleaning I hereby declare the first main category of the Marie Kondo method – clothes – done! Well nearly. I will work on the repairs, cleaning, washing and folding over the next few days. So everything looks slick and is finished before I move onto books.

I have donated one sack of stuff to a local charity shop and another is ready to go. Overall it has made me feel focused, carthatically saying thank you and goodbye to stuff that no longer brings me joy. So the process makes room and space for the stuff you love.

Peace and love,



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