Kondo phase 2 – books

The sun was shining here in the UK so I chose to Kondo my book collection as quick as I can. I had planned to finish repairing any clothes but reading another blog fired me up.

My books were in two places. I gathered them together and realised I had more than I thought. By the end of the session I had filled a bag for charity. I also created a reading pile of books that I would pick out in a shop so I will start working through them. I let go of a very old book. I think it was from junior school. Wow does that make me feel old!

Next up are craft books and magazines as part of this category. Before I leave I thought I’d mention something a bit weird. Possibly coincidence, possibly karma…


I alternate between several charity shops for any donations. I popped into one the other day (having donated to them a few days earlier) to find some beautiful Portmeirion crockery. *winks to universe*

Just look at this butterfly…




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