Craft! Learn crochet for £1 and help a charity

What are you waiting for? Here’s a fab deal I found today:

From their site:

“This kit has everything you need to learn to crochet a snowflake. Our fabulous kit contains 10g of delicate Three Bears Cotton yarn, a 4mm hook and an exclusive pattern written by blogger Bella Coco. This free kit has been created to support the Home-Start Snowflake Appeal. All items in the kit have been donated by LoveCrochet and Three Bears Yarn, we just ask for a £1 contribution towards postage. Once you have made your snowflake, don’t forget to donate it to a Home-Start family.”

Learn a craft for £1 – maybe add a small donation for the charity too?

Have a brilliant day.



Kondo phase 3 – paperwork and doing more crafts

Lots of videos on YouTube but this is closest to my paperwork…

Burn baby burn

Each evening this week I’ve sorted some papers or have been burning papers. My first plan of attack was looking at the overfilled ottoman of papers. In particular at anything not filed. And there was a lot. There were also a range of things that shouldn’t have been in there. Clutter attracts clutter… After a week of tackling a bit each day I didn’t think I had made much of an impact. I opened the ottoman with the aim of completing emptying it and tackling the loose papers first. To my surprise I had made good progress. The satisfaction of burning the papers is so great.

Don’t sweat the really horrible stuff… Burn it

Reading all this so far.. The question is – is this an easy stage? Hell. No. I am frustrated at the age of some of the papers I’m finding. I’m really frustrated at the upsetting things I’ve kept. Horrible notes from an old boss being just one example. Give me joy? Hell no! So as they burnt in the fire I felt relieved and felt the pain of this time in my life go. Sorry if this seems a bit heavy but these letters were just awful.

Getting rid of storage, creating space

The more I use the Marie Kondo process the more I can see the rhyme and reason of it. You sort by category not by room. So no cleaning a room by heaving stuff from one room to another for ‘temporary storage’ and a false impression of progress. More than anything I can see a clear link between you sorting X category and then only when complete it do you find a home for the remaining X category that you will keep. I’m hopeful that I can get rid of this ottoman and instead file papers in a more compact area. This will free up a bit of floor space which is great.

Next up I need to declutter my work bag and then hunt out papers in sporadic areas of the house. They are everywhere but I have a list to hunt ’em down. I’m aiming to finish paperwork by the end of October. Wish me luck!

Don’t look at your hill. Climb it.


PS: I’ve been SO inspired seeing the beautiful things other bloggers are making. Working on my stuff and reducing what I own I see as a stepping stone to doing more fun stuff. I’m definitely a work in progress but I’m going to commit here to doing some crafts and hobbies more but most importantly blogging about it too. Such fun ☺️

Kondo phase 2 – books, magazines, craft books, notebooks… complete!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Marie Kondo = have things in your home that give you joy

Marie Kondo = have things in your home that give you joy

But… Oh my. Applying the Kondo method to magazines felt like asking me to choose my favourite pet, or ice cream. It felt weirdly finite. I mean they are just glossy paper. And not so glossy paper. I guess I shouldn’t wrestle with this too much. It’s just part of the process (perhaps toughening me up for the momentoes phase).

What I have realised is that some magazines are so visual, colourful and appealing is part of the reason. For instance, Oprah and Psychologies magazines are perfect fodder for vision boards. So I have extracted the best bits, nay curated, ready for vision boarding. I’m also trying to eat better. And Waitrose give away a lovely weekly paper called Weekend. I find the recipes inspiring. So I’ve grabbed just these recipes and will make it a weekly habit to look through these for ideas, even photograph the keepers.

Magazines aka my nemesis

Magazines aka my nemesis

So far so good…

I’ve made good progress in September in applying the Marie Kondo method of decluttering / tidying to my home. My clothes are much simpler, I love what I own. For instance, where I had kept hold of uncomfortable boots I let these go and then replaced them with new ones, a pair of which I already had. But overall reducing the volume of what I own. So much so four clear plastic former shoe boxes now house craft stuff. My book collection has also been thinned out. The books now all fit perfectly on a shelf. Before they hid in an inaccessible cubby hole. The magazines have been read and the visual bits ready for a vision board. That last stage was much harder than predicted!

To complete phase 2 of the Marie Kondo method I looked at craft and note books. Luckily not too many. Also my bookshelf has a natural limit on what I can keep. This is good. It reminds me that if I really want to keep a new addition another that I’m not  enJOYing has to go. Remember, Marie Kondo = joy.

Paperwork next…

Next up… it is paperwork! I’m excited to be curating my home like this. My health is a bit rubbish at the moment but I’ll do this. May take a while but I will get this done by focusing on each step only. There are bills and papers everywhere as well as some (many) in my bills box. To help me I have an inspiring piece of pottery which simply reads:

Don’t look at your hill. Climb it.