Kondo phase 2 – books, magazines, craft books, notebooks… complete!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Marie Kondo = have things in your home that give you joy

Marie Kondo = have things in your home that give you joy

But… Oh my. Applying the Kondo method to magazines felt like asking me to choose my favourite pet, or ice cream. It felt weirdly finite. I mean they are just glossy paper. And not so glossy paper. I guess I shouldn’t wrestle with this too much. It’s just part of the process (perhaps toughening me up for the momentoes phase).

What I have realised is that some magazines are so visual, colourful and appealing is part of the reason. For instance, Oprah and Psychologies magazines are perfect fodder for vision boards. So I have extracted the best bits, nay curated, ready for vision boarding. I’m also trying to eat better. And Waitrose give away a lovely weekly paper called Weekend. I find the recipes inspiring. So I’ve grabbed just these recipes and will make it a weekly habit to look through these for ideas, even photograph the keepers.

Magazines aka my nemesis

Magazines aka my nemesis

So far so good…

I’ve made good progress in September in applying the Marie Kondo method of decluttering / tidying to my home. My clothes are much simpler, I love what I own. For instance, where I had kept hold of uncomfortable boots I let these go and then replaced them with new ones, a pair of which I already had. But overall reducing the volume of what I own. So much so four clear plastic former shoe boxes now house craft stuff. My book collection has also been thinned out. The books now all fit perfectly on a shelf. Before they hid in an inaccessible cubby hole. The magazines have been read and the visual bits ready for a vision board. That last stage was much harder than predicted!

To complete phase 2 of the Marie Kondo method I looked at craft and note books. Luckily not too many. Also my bookshelf has a natural limit on what I can keep. This is good. It reminds me that if I really want to keep a new addition another that I’m not  enJOYing has to go. Remember, Marie Kondo = joy.

Paperwork next…

Next up… it is paperwork! I’m excited to be curating my home like this. My health is a bit rubbish at the moment but I’ll do this. May take a while but I will get this done by focusing on each step only. There are bills and papers everywhere as well as some (many) in my bills box. To help me I have an inspiring piece of pottery which simply reads:

Don’t look at your hill. Climb it. 



4 thoughts on “Kondo phase 2 – books, magazines, craft books, notebooks… complete!

  1. I love that phase, don’t look at a hill climb it! how motivational! What a great post, it seems you are almost through your re-organisation! What are you going to do as a celebration for all that achievement?

    I like you tend to hold onto magazines – I suppose for me they are full of ideas and dreams, but they are also full of advertising ! I spent a wonderful day last week cutting out pictures and projects that I would like to do then binned the rest – it was very liberating! I have a large, beautiful cuttings box, and I pin up pictures that inspire me, I change it often. Sometimes just looking at the picture is enough to take a mini trip to wonderland for 5 minutes.. my little moment of joy!

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    • I have a couple of items to use up sitting in it. I feel inspired whenever I see it. Still a way to go. Marie Kondo says paperwork, then miscellaneous (have not worked what this includes… Cutlery to light bulbs?! Then momentoes. This sounds cheesy but to see space opening up is a celebration in itself. I must do something though. Perhaps host a tea or something to literally toast the new home.
      Magazines were so hard. I never thought I was going to complete it. I’ve no doubt I will still find the odd one but now I know I can it for vision board stuff then let it go.
      Paperwork is everywhere. Eek!


    • I literally feel a… So come on then let’s do this when I read that quote. A quick Google will throw up some tips about the book. What’s interesting is even when you’ve done a category you can find yourself getting tougher. I even let some more books go. Off to a new life!

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