5 Frugal swaps: bath and shower products

IMG_0892Introducing a new mini series here on my blog. Frugal swaps!

I follow a lot of beauty blogs and the term dupe is widespread. The hope of getting a very similar product for a much cheaper price. It’s called a dupe.

Here I’m hoping to showcase some frugal swaps so if your back is up against the wall financially or you’d rather spend your pennies more frugally (are there even levels of frugalness?) then read on. I mean that’s more money for experiences like going to the cinema to see #Dunkirk.

I used to buy Elemis milk bath at £43. It smells gorgeous. It feels gorgeous but it’s still £43. I still love it but I’ve now found some products that nicely and frugally fill that space.

So here’s my 5 Frugal swaps for bath and shower products:

1. Original Source shower gel

You can pick these up for about a £1 for 250ml on offer. My favourites are anything with coconut. I remember my vegan friend talking about this brand years ago. Use with a sponge or exfoliating gloves for maximum suds.

2. Radox bath therapy muscle soak herbal bath salts

Yes I know these sound old fashioned but trust me at just over £1 they are dreamy. If you like Lush bath bombs you’ll like these.

3. Jason lavender body wash

You can buy a huge bottle of this for around £8.50. It’s nearly a litre in size. It’s also free of SLS – Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Something which some sensitive skins prefer to avoid.

4. Boots baby moisturising bath

Why should babies have all the fun and everyone knows how yummy baby products are. This retails at £1.29 for 500 ml. It’s currently on offer for £1. It smells gorgeous and produces lots of suds.

5. Soap

I grew up using soap so in a way this takes me back. You can buy 2 bars of Dove soap for £1. Here in the U.K. you can still buy Shield soap (remember that?) for £1.29 for 4 bars from Wilko. As well as Coal tar soap. Superdrug still sell Imperial Leather too. Maybe time to revisit some old favourites.

So there you go 5 Frugal swaps for bath and shower products. Let me know if you like these kind of posts. This isn’t sponsored. Just my own products and my own reflections.

Have a brilliant day.