Wicker basket – the original bag for life

A wicker basket. Sturdy. Durable. Excellent cost per wear/use. So what did we do on this glorious earth? Create the plastic bag. Brilliant. Utterly brilliantly stupid!


The original bag for life works. I know you can’t fold it up and oh heavens you have to remember to carry it. Honestly when did we¬†get like this?

Plastic is polluting our oceans. Swimming with dolphins in the future may involve seeing a 1987 Tesco bag floating past. Doesn’t feel right does it? I try to refuse (no pun intended) carrier bags as much as possible. Of course sometimes we get caught out. Sometimes we want a gift bag type thing but for a handful of things from the corner shop? Really?

Many plastic bags carry biogedradable labels or declare they are made from so many per cent recycled products. These are really paying lip service. We need to change. We can change. We see them as an endless resource. They are made from oil.

Perfection is I’ve found damn hard. It keeps moving the goalposts. Very sneaky. I swear evil twin fairies help em out at night moving those goalposts *shakes goalposts*

So maybe let’s not aim for perfection. Let’s aim for better. One less carrier bag each a week, a month or whenever soon adds up.

A visit to this wonderful place (deets below) has made me so inspired. To do things simpler. I have a way to go. But if you see me carrying the basket pictured with white gloves and a polka dot ensemble – well just don’t mock me ok? Well ok then mock me – but I must warn you I’m armed with a very sturdy wicker basket! *shakes basket*

The Willows & Wetlands Centre


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PS: Not sponsored to write this. I love #BritishMade products.

PPS: Ok, ok. I love Wicker baskets. And white gloves.


Buying British is so hard or is it?

My passion for minimalism of buying only what you need has to be balanced with my want to buy British. However they don’t always conflict. There are everyday things I use that are what I need (check) and can be made in Britain (check). Yay.

Today I’m writing all about butter. Lazy butter. In the old days butter sat in a butter dish and like the short stodgy bottle of milk sat on the Formica kitchen table all day. Then refrigerators made things safer for us to eat but in the process made the butter hard. Hard to spread on bread and toast.

So the marketeers came up with spreadable butter. I still think the name needs a bit of improvement (soft butter?) but hey what do I know. What I do know is that the Red tractor symbol is an indicator that I now look for. It’s a red tractor with blue wheels but I’m not splitting hairs. Basically the Red tractor symbol (with blue wheels, ok I won’t go on about it) assures us consumers on a number of fronts from hygiene through to animal welfare. All the while being fully traceable back to UK inspected farms.

That at sounds good right? So my Buy British swop suggestion is swopping something like Lurpak for Country Life. Done. Remember buying British is so hard and so expensive – and um so easy right? I like the fact Country Life is cheaper too. So buying British can be about small baby steps. Just seek out the Red tractor (with blue wheels, ok this is the last time I’ll mention the blue wheels) as a guide.

Of course for international readers (hello) you can be justly proud to buy your country’s produce too. The principle is the same. Buying more locally.

This blog hasn’t been sponsored by anyone. However it is sponsored by my enthusiasm to buy British and my ridiculous consumption of butter. Other dairy or non dairy spreads are available (apparently) but if you use them I may not come round for tea. Just saying. So we’re clear.

Check out the face painting on one of the contributors to this video:

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