Clearing through a consumerist fog

Hello. Somehow I’ve achieved the classic thing of neglecting my blog. No excuses. Just a busy old time.

Anyway a brief update. Back in January I realised my credit card spending was once again out of control. A habit is so easily created and normalised. But £400 a month on stuff is just a) wrong b) unsustainable and c) kinda embarrassing. Very embarrassing. Also, stupid. Ok enough with the self talk.

So during February I did a cleanse of consumerist spending. It felt like I was in a fog, with my spending out of control. I very quickly realised my weak points. Somehow the weekend was always a trigger. And those damn sales emails. I unsubscribed from so many and suddenly things were quieter. My emails were not filled with attention grabbing headlines. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Since February things have been calmer and more in control. If I need to calm a consumerist itch – I think about if I really need it. If I do buy – it’s either a much smaller scale purchase or very planned. Are there levels of plannedness? Is plannedness a word? I digress.

I’ve had some blips (even this week) but overall I’m in a much, much better place.

I’ve had a few aha moments along the way. That money used right can be spent on other things – not habitual, sleep walking purchases. I’ve been able to pursue things for garden and home projects. All desperately needed (hidden behind that bloody fog) and when I look at those much needed and now achieved projects – I feel more in control.

Ok. Lots more stuff to talk about but I’ve rambled on for nearly thirteen pages (front and back)…..

So tell me. Is your spending under control? What do you do to achieve this? If it isn’t – what can you do today to take a step towards addressing it?

Daunee be ‘fraid o it now.





Technical glitch

A short blog today as I have had a short fuse or two! Plugs and leads. I have a love / hate relationship going on with these so-called enablers. *shakes fist*

I must have shares in any producer of iPad leads in the world. You can tell I have had technical difficulties! Two iPad leads selfishly decided (yes they did!) to fail. At the same time. How rude! And frustrating! *shakes two broken leads*

Mainly because going into a shop means you buy said replacement leads and some twin tip Sharpie pens for the new colouring craze. I know! *breathe*

However this has meant less surfing. So not all bad. How do you curtail mindless surfing? I’m asking for a friend..

Have a brilliant day,


PS: I categorised this under ‘Kindness’

PPS: I have no idea why.. 😁

The surprising thing about simplifying

…is that it’s a continuous process. And just when you think well I’ve sorted that area you find that you can simplify even more. I must add that a room with a wooden chair and a vase is not what I’m aspiring to here. Just less stuff.

I’ve recently been taking a ton of trips and I’ve found that it’s becoming easier now I have less stuff. I know where stuff is. I only have so many clothes to wash and pack. This simplifying and minimalism works. I mean it really works. It makes life easier.

Remember those ads with the smiling bright white teeth, perfect family and flashy car? You know the one. You know that one. You get my point? They are all the bloody same. They all promise to make life easier. Well you know what you don’t have to subscribe to their prescription of an easier life. You can achieve it right now. Simplify the stuff you own.

I have found a really good place to donate stuff to. They help out people who have just moved off of the homeless radar and are now setting up home. It works on a voucher system through the local council. Either way I’m very happy donating to them. It feels good. It does good. And it’s making my life easier. What’s not to love?

So over to you – do you have stuff lying around that perhaps you are struggling to let go of? Why not give it a second lease of life and help someone else in the process?

Have a brilliant day,


Are random acts of kindness… random?

Life is weird. You can bumble along getting happy or angry with life. I had a cocktail of both today but thankfully I’m ending today with happy. So happy.

Driving home today I noticed a girl standing by a bus stop. Nothing unusual. I then spotted she had a cat carrier with her. What happened next I can’t quite explain.

Without hesitation I turned the car around, pulled up near the bus stop and asked if she needed a lift home. She gave a very British immediate default response of “No thanks.” What is it with us Brits we can be so busy being polite that we can get in the way of what we want. So I asked if she was sure with the cat and everything. And said where I was heading if she was anywhere nearby. As she then climbed into the car I spotted the cat looking at me, checking things out. I also thought I heard the girl say that someone had just had a go at her. I quickly changed the subject and we happily chatted about cats on the drive home. Before I knew it the cat had quietly tucked herself into the back of her carrier and quietly fell asleep. All was well.

As we approached our destination I thought I can’t ignore what I thought this girl had said as she got in the car. I asked her if she’d been getting hassle when I offered her a lift. She said yes, how she’s often shouted out and called a skank. What? My heart sank. As she carried on talking she said that these guys had just said to her that they would kill her cat too. My sunken heart was weeping. I thought there were other people nearby when I offered a lift. I didn’t think anything of it.

So a random act of kindness, doing something I’ve not done before and without knowing it had whisked this girl and her cat home, to safety. How did I know to turn around and offer a lift? Are random acts of kindness actually random? Or somewhere deep inside every one of us do we have an instinct – similar to fight or flight – where if we listened a bit more we would connect more? Reach out more. Help others more. So. Who do you think could do with a helping hand? Trust your instincts.