Kondo phase 2 (and a half) magazines – how not to Kondo your magazines

Well I’ve done books I thought…


And then found two more. Mmm. Ok.

Let’s press on with magazines I thought. Get them all in one place. It turns out they are in every nook and cranny of the house. I’m half expecting to find one in the fridge… *runs to check fridge* The photo shows a small selection of what I managed to find.

I have no magazine subscriptions which is probably a good thing given the snail’s pace at which I read them. This is still a joy holding exercise but somehow I am really drawn to getting my monies worth and trying to read what I have. This is interesting. At least I can see this

So the plan of action is I’ll tear out inspirational pages (for a future vision board exercise – wow that’s a subtle hint for one of the blogs I follow… *coughs Dartmoor Yarns*) and then let them go.

So an evening of magazine flicking through can commence. And I will thank each one. Even Hello. Oops no they’re not mine, I only read sophisticated magazines. These? Oh um. I’m storing them for a friend. Next up craft books and note books!



2 thoughts on “Kondo phase 2 (and a half) magazines – how not to Kondo your magazines

  1. I have created a few vision boards in my time, they are powerful things! My last one was over 3 feet long, (I used wall paper lining paper) I have everything pretty much ticked off now. I did my first one about 5 years ago with three friends, we all got our wishes so rapidly one of my friends had only just cut out her images and hadn’t pasted them.

    I cut out images I like now, and keep them in a scrap box, they are inspirational – sometimes it is just a case of picking out a few and putting them on my noticeboard for a while. Pinterest just doesn’t have the same effect, as having the images in my hands and on a board.

    looking forward to seeing your vision board

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